Takami Sakurai Solo Exhibition

Takami Sakurai Solo Exhibition is coming up. 

It will start on 26th this month until December 10th. We will be closed on December 4th otherwise open.

Brief Biography

Takami Sakurai

Takami Sakurai, born in Fukuoka, Japan was the leader of AvantGarde group "Kyushu-ha" established and actively engaged in making new trend and style of new art and artists.

According to "Kyushu-ha Taizen" written by Yozo Yamaguchi, who is a curator in Fukuoka Art Museum and has been studying Kyushu-ha, this group has broken the tradition of becoming an artist in postwar Japan.

Back in postwar time, the most popular yet only left option to become an artist in Japan was graduating from an art university and becoming a discipline under a big name artist. Such that they have connections to art fairs and exhibitions.

On the other hand, members of Kyushu-ha especially Takami Sakurai lived in far away from such trends.

He described himself as amateur and his view towards art was "everyone can do." In other words he did not either overlook nor downlook art. He just interpreted art just as art. A lot of young artists who felt wrong towards Japanese art system back that time, including main members of Kyushu-ha Osamu Ochi, Mokuma Kikuhata, naturally agreed with Sakurai's view and got along. This assemble later on has formed Kyushu-ha.

About Sakura as an artist, he has moved to San Francisco after break up of Kyushu-ha.

His style does not fall in any category. It is free. He sometimes painted figurative and sometimes abstract. He was focused on painting what he wanted to paint.

We will display his work from Kyushu-ha to time in San Francisco.

Style, color, size of the works really vary. They are all interesting works so please come and visit our gallery.

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