Preparing for Takami Sakurai's Solo Exhibition

Now we are preparing for Takami Sakurai's solo exhibition.

Speaking of him, he was born in Japan, and passed away this year.

As one of the main figures in Kyushu-ha, he actively engaged in making a new movement from late 50s to early 60s.

Afterwards, he has moved to San Francisco to pursue his career as an artist.

His works recently have been exposed to the world, and the market started to find value and his world in his work. In fact, one of his works has gotten bidden and sold at Christie's "Asobi" auction. We also brought his works to Art Elysees16 and one of them got sold by a collector from Paris.

His coming up solo exhibition will be focused on his work from Kyushu-ha to his life in San Francisco. We will announce details soon.

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