We are back in Japan

Art Elysees16 is over.

Now we are back in Japan. Here is the brief report of the fair.

Since this is our 3rd time in this fair, we saw same familiar faces at our booth.

At the same time, Kyushu-ha artists were their first time to be exposed in Art Elysees, some of art collectors showed their interest and actions.

Kyushu-ha is the avant-garde art group emerged in 1957 in Japan pursuing making new an art movement back in time. Main figures in Kyushu-ha is Takami Sakurai, Osamu Ochi, Mokuma Kikuhata. We brought works of these three main figures. Works by Takami Sakurai and Osamu Ochi appeared on Christie's "Asobi" auction at the beginning of this month.

Speaking of Ryuma and Teshima, almost all their works got sold out by their collectors in Europe. It is great for the collectors and artists that we participate in this fair. This has become the opportunity for artists to show how they change and improve and also for collectors to look for new style or works.

Now are back in Japan and preparing for coming up Takami Sakurai's solo exhibition. We will announce the exhibition details when it gets closer.


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